Overdosed with Wolves
Chanyeol - Gift (Scenario - Requested)


Blessings come in surprise. 


For the whole week, you’ve been feeling nothing but queasy. It wasn’t just the average dizziness or nausea that is usually caused by the flu, no; it’s the revolting sensation of vomiting four times in ten minutes. It would be a lie to say that you weren’t slightly disgusted by your continuous vomiting, but there was nothing you could do. It was like morning sickness (though you refused to believe that theory). You knew that morning sickness leads to something else. Something beautiful and fragile. But you aren’t ready for that to happen. Chanyeol is certainly not ready for it; he values his work so much, and he wouldn’t have the time at all.  

Recently, your body has felt weaker than before, and your body is always tired after a short walk to the elevator and down to the mailbox, or a walk to the park that is across the apartment building, or simply just vacuuming the house.

One of your friends said that fatigue is a hallmark of early pregnancy.

Once again, you rejected the thought.

You were still quite young(?); twenty four years old, a manager in the biggest bank of South Korea, with a twenty six year old boyfriend who belongs in a famous KPOP group called EXO. 

Chanyeol doesn’t come home every single day, but seeing him two times per week is enough for you. His job is to make his fans happy by being the usual Happy Virus that he is. He and his band mates are everywhere. They go to different countries to perform, they attend numerous variety shows and radio shows. EXO is well-known around the world, and because of that, having a relationship with Chanyeol is harder than any other normal relationship. It was just last month that he announced his relationship with you, and of course, not every EXO fan was happy about it. Majority were happy for Chanyeol, but there were some who started bashing you in your Facebook account, and it led you to deactivating it. Chanyeol was also bashed, and the company had to restrain some fans that frequently went to the company just to yell bad things about you to Chanyeol and the other EXO members.

If you really are pregnant, what more could those fans do to you and to Chanyeol?

They could become wild, and chase you, and stalk you. They could say bad things to Chanyeol.

It was a reality you didn’t want to face.

And that is why, the theory of you being pregnant, no matter what anyone says, will not happen anytime soon.

You didn’t want Chanyeol to be hurt.




Chanyeol had decided to come home after not seeing you for a week and a few days. He kept saying how much he missed you, and how much he longed for your cooking. You smiled at his adorable complaints, and kept a happy composure towards him.

But really, you weren’t feeling your best. You were slightly feeling dizzy, and you can feel your legs slightly giving up because of fatigue. You simply stared at Chanyeol, wondering what he would say if he finds out that you’ve been feeling horrible these past few days.

“____-ah, it’s not healthy to stare at me forever.” Chanyeol teased. You frowned at him and scoffed. “You’re so full of yourself, Park Chanyeol. Now that’s not healthy.” He laughed and settled himself on the couch, patting the empty space next to him, motioning for you to sit down.

“Do you want me to get you something to eat?” You asked, but got a continuous shake of head from the latter. “Let’s just cuddle.” He said, spreading his long arms out. “You’re so incredibly mushy, and it’s so early in the morning. I don’t like it.”

A cheesy Chanyeol means hours of hugging, teasing and tickling. Naturally, you like hugging the tall male (he’s as comfortable as a teddy bear), but the bothersome dizziness became intense, and you felt like punching the pillows endlessly. The queasiness was back, and at that moment, you wanted to just run out of Chanyeol’s vision and head to the bathroom. But you couldn’t do that. You didn’t want Chanyeol to find out about any of your recent complications.

“Are you alright?” He pondered cautiously. You nodded quickly. “I-I just need to go to the bathroom…..”

Chanyeol stood up and asked if you wanted him to accompany you, but told him a firm ‘no’, walking to bathroom in lightning speed.

“Call me if you need any-“

You shut the bathroom door, locking it to make sure Chanyeol doesn’t come in.




“I don’t know what’s going on, noona. Yesterday when I came over, I knew she was in pain; so much in pain. But she didn’t tell me what-“

“Maybe she didn’t want you to worry, Chanyeol-ah.”

Chanyeol ran a hand through his hair and sighed. He was worried; so worried that he had to call his older sister Yura, just to talk about it. His older sister didn’t mind though.

“Yura noona, do you think she’s hiding a sickness? I-I’ve never seen her like that.” He mumbled to his older sister, hoping no one else in the café would hear what he had just said. Yura frowned at him and lightly smacked Chanyeol’s forehead, earning a pout from Chanyeol. “Why are you thinking that way, huh? She’s fine! Maybe she’s just having some kind of morning sickness or something! Did you call her today?”

“I’ve called her seven times, and she’s not answering……”

Yura blinked, slightly shocked at Chanyeol’s revelation. “She didn’t answer a single one?” She inquires curiously. The younger nodded, a sad look plastering over his usual jolly-looking face. “Do you think she’s at home, Chanyeol?” Yura asked. “I guess so. It’s Sunday, so she usually just stays at home….”

“I’ll go over and see how she is, okay? Meanwhile, you go back to your dance practice. The boys might be looking for you now.” 

“But noona….”

“No buts. I’ll take care of her, alright? Don’t worry.” She reassured, patting her brother’s shaky shoulders. Yura smiled lightly before standing up with her bag, bidding Chanyeol goodbye and walking out of the café.




You woke up to the sound of the doorbell ringing continuously. It was a Sunday afternoon, and many of the people you know knew that you valued your Sunday naps. Secretly you hoped that whoever is in the front door is up to something incredibly important. You wanted to continue napping after all.

Standing up from your bed, you picked up one of your jackets that rested on the floor and wore it. You walked to the main entrance like a zombie. You were annoyed, and the doorbell made it worse.

“Who is it….” You grumbled to yourself. As you entered the four-digit password, you were greeted by someone you’d never thought would visit you on a Sunday afternoon.

It was Chanyeol’s older sister.

“U-Unnie!” You exclaimed. She chuckled slightly and hugged you. “I thought you weren’t going to answer the door. I was about to leave you a message on your phone. I couldn’t reach you earlier to tell you I was coming over.” Yura explained. “Sorry unnie. I was sleeping. I just felt-“

“Tired? Dizzy? Sick? Queasy?” The older said.

You blinked, and your eyes showed panic. “Come in, unnie. Please come in.”

She walked inside the apartment and straight to the living room. You closed the door, and mentally wondered how she knew what you were feeling these past days. There was a sense of anxiety building up within you, and your heart continued beating rapidly; a sign of worry. Yura had always cared about you as if you were her real sister, and it made you think that you can trust her enough for you to be honest with her.

You sat next to her, and suddenly, you heard a deep heave of sigh coming from Yura herself.

“Tell me everything. I don’t know why you’re hiding this from Chanyeol, but my brother is worried, and if it’s something serious, you have to tell me now.” Yura spoke, with a serious tone lacing her voice. “I-I’ve been feeling really queasy…….and I’ve been throwing up since last week. I don’t know why, but…..I’ve been so tired even just walking to the park outside or just cleaning the house slightly….and……”


“A-And……..my….my period…it-it’s supposed to come almost a week ago, but I haven’t had it yet…..” You told her fearfully. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly. Frowning slightly, you softly asked her what was wrong, and what made her make such a bewildered expression. “____-ah, you’re pregnant. You need to go to the doctor as soon as possible, because I’m 100% sure that you are pregnant with my niece or nephew!” Yura exclaimed happily.

‘No way….’, you thought unbelievably.

“You have to go tomorrow. If you really are pregnant, then you have to tell Chanyeol okay? That little brother of mine has been worried since yesterday, and I think he’d be happy to hear that there’s going to be a Happy Virus junior!”

“I can’t. That will ruin his image! What if he doesn’t want to be a father yet? What if the company goes against it?” You reasoned. Yura frowned, looking quite angry. “There’s nothing they can do. If the fans don’t want their beloved Chanyeol to have a child or be married, well then they should have a reality check. We’re all humans.” She hollered.

“Unnie…..I-I’m scared.”

She glanced at you with the utmost caring look upon her face, patting your shoulder in comfort. “Don’t be. I know my brother. He won’t leave you ever. He loves you too much.”

You smiled.

“I’ll go to the doctors tomorrow.”




“Ms ____, we’ve got the results.” The doctor declared rather loudly. He seemed happy, while you were in the brink of sweating furiously out of worry. “S-So am I…..?”

“Congratulations, Ms ____. There’s no mistake that you’re pregnant.”

Your eyes grew large. Pregnant? You’re really pregnant? You never thought that the day of parenting would come any time soon. What will Chanyeol say to this? Will he accept the baby? Would he be happy? There are so many questions unanswered, and truthfully, you didn’t want to face the pessimistic side of the answers your boyfriend might give you. You’ve seen too much of the same situation, and some fathers who were left stunned, went away, not giving their partners one last look.

“Are you alright?” The doctor asked.

You nodded fast and took the information folder the doctor placed in front of you.

“Ms ____, you have certain choices towards this situation. You can keep the baby, or-“

You frowned. “Doctor Lee, I’m keeping the baby.”

He smiled and nodded, standing up and placing his hand out for a shake. “I wish you all the best then.” Smiling slightly, you shook the doctor’s hand and bowed. “Thank you, Doctor.”

“Please do remember that you have an appointment in a couple of weeks.” He reminded.

“I won’t forget.”

“Have a good day, Ms ____.”

You bowed one last time and left the room.




As you walked out of the hospital, you saw a familiar male standing by the tree, glancing right at you. You bit your lip and took a deep breath.

It was Chanyeol.

“So you went to the hospital without even telling me?”

“I don’t see why you have to know.”

That set the fire aflame. Chanyeol was angry. Extremely angry.

“Are you serious?” He stated. “Chanyeol, I’m fine, okay? Don’t worry. Just go back to your practice.” You muttered while walking past him. “Don’t you hide anything from me!” He shouted, grabbing onto your arm to stop you from walking any longer.

“I’m not hiding anything from you, alright?”

“Yes, you are!”

“I am not!” You shook your head, trying to stop the tears from falling.

“I know you well enough to know if you’re lying or not. Tell me now.” He insisted.

You placed your face in your hands, shaking your head furiously. You knew he was stubborn, and the Chanyeol you know is persistent enough to get your secret out right there and then.  You weren’t ready to tell him yet.  

“Please, ____. I’m worried, that’s all. I could’ve taken you to the hospital, I could’ve……” He stopped talking, reaching out with his arms to hug you. “Please, just tell me. I want to know whatever it is.” Chanyeol softly said.

You removed your hands out of your face and looked at him.

“Unnie…..I-I’m scared.”

She glanced at you with the utmost caring look upon her face, patting your shoulder in comfort. “Don’t be. I know my brother. He won’t leave you ever. He loves you too much.”

Chanyeol’s older sister was right, and deep in your heart, you knew that. You believed in Chanyeol; you know he loves you.

‘Then why am I worrying….’, you asked yourself


“I……I’m pregnant, Chanyeol.”


The only sounds that could be heard were the cars travelling back and forth on the road, the wind blowing the trees, and the indistinct chatters of different people. Chanyeol didn’t utter a word, nor make an expression. He was still; much like a statue. You worry grew as a few more seconds had passed and Chanyeol remained silent.

“C-Chanyeol…..i-if you don’t want to raise the baby, I-I’ll raise him or her on my own. I don’t want you to-“

“Is that why you went to the doctors just then?”

 You slowly nodded, not able to look at his eyes. “Yura unnie told me to go to the doctors. She figured I was pregnant…a-after I told her what’s been happening with me….”

“I’m going to be a father?” He wondered. “Y-Yes, you are. That is, if you want-“

“Are you kidding?! Do you know how much I’ve wanted to become a father?!” He happily proclaimed. In an instant, his face changed completely. His eyes twinkled, and his cheeks moved up as his lips curled up onto a huge smile. He held onto your arms, saying things like “I’m going to be a father!” and “I can’t wait!”.

You breathed a sigh of relief and smiled genuinely at him. “I-I thought you would refuse…….”

“I would never! I can’t leave you to raise our baby alone! I love you too much to do that! I wouldn’t do that ever! I’m going to take care of you two from now on, okay? Tell me if you’re feeling bad, and please, don’t worry me anymore!” He babbled. You chuckled slightly and caressed his cheeks. “I’m sorry, Chanyeol.”

“Don’t apologise. I’m just happy for us.” He grinned.




“So, let me get this straight. There’s going to be a ‘Happy Virus Junior’? Oh my! We have to save ourselves!” Jongdae joked.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. It’s so funny, Kim Jongdae.” Chanyeol said, rolling his eyes. Jongdae smirked, obviously happy with his joke. “Come on, knock it off. Chanyeol’s proud to be a soon-to-be father.” You proudly announced. The other EXO members laughed. Chanyeol frowned. “What’s so funny?” He asked. “It’s just, imagining you being a father is a bit hard.” Luhan muttered, trying to keep his laughter. Chanyeol pouted.

“You guys are so mean!”

“____-ah, just make sure he doesn’t hold the baby when he’s in his clumsy mood.” Kris warned as he patted Chanyeol’s back in attempt of making him feel better….sort of. You laughed cheekily. “Sure, sure. I’ll try and not forget that.”

“But you know what would be funny to see?”

Everyone’s heads turned to look at Baekhyun, including yours.


“Happy Virus and Happy Virus Junior rapping together.” The blonde-male said excitedly. “Oh no. No way. This baby will NOT be a rapper.”

 You shook your head.


“No, no.” Chanyeol continued.

Every EXO member sighed.

“Good luck, ____-ah. You need it.” Joonmyun encouraged.